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ATRA 20S - Casco de seguridad industrial con visera - electroaislante


EN 166:1B

EN 170

EN 397

EN 50365

GS-ET-29: 2019-06

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IH 200 100 006 S20







Variantes disponibles

Características especiales

LD - Resistencia a la deformación lateral

LD - Resistencia a la deformación lateral

Resistencia al impacto

Resistencia al impacto

Probado a una temperatura muy baja de -30 ℃

Probado a una temperatura muy baja de -30 ℃

Aislamiento electrico

Aislamiento electrico

MM Odporność na odpryski stopionego metalu

MM Odporność na odpryski stopionego metalu

Especificaciones técnicas


740 g






Orificios de ventilación:





Alcance de la regulación:

51-63 cm



rotatable headband

Alcance de la regulación:

51-63 cm

Very low temperatures:


LD - Lateral Deformation:

Odpryski stopionego metalu:

Elektroizolacyjność 440 Vac:

Protective class:



The ATRA 20S industrial helmet is a product that provides comprehensive head, face and eye protection in a variety of work environments.


ATRA 20S is an excellent choice for electricians, as it provides protection against arcing from electrical shorts. In addition, tests have confirmed that this helmet protects the wearer from liquid drops and splashes, as well as molten metals and hot solids.


ATRA 20S helmet has passed shock absorption and puncture tests at very low temperatures (-30°C), as well as electrical insulation tests based on EN397 (440 V AC) and EN50365 (1000 V AC and 1500 V DC) standards. It also provides protection against molten metal (MM) splashes and is resistant to lateral deformation (LD).


The ATRA20S version is additionally equipped with an external face shield (ATRA S20), which provides protection class 2C-1.2 (UV filter), the highest optical class (1) and has successfully passed the high-energy impact test (A).


The ATRA 20S helmet is comfortable and safe to wear thanks to a 4-point chin strap and a harness that attaches to the shell at 6 points. Customers have the option to choose between two types of tether (fixed tether and swivel tether) for a better, customized fit to their head shape. Both types of ties are equipped with a convenient mechanism that allows infinite adjustment of the circumference.


The helmet shell is made of ABS and is available in many colors. The originally packaged, unused helmet can be stored for a maximum of 5 years from the date of manufacture. Once in use, under normal conditions*, the helmet can be used for a maximum of 5 years.


ATRA 20S industrial helmet is a high-quality product that will provide the user with comprehensive protection in harsh working conditions.  


*The influence of external factors from the environment in which the helmet is used has a very strong impact on its durability. Inadequate storage, lack of regular cleaning of the helmet or excessive exposure to chemicals or UV radiation can significantly shorten the shelf life. Shelf life should not be construed as a manufacturer's warranty.  



  • live work,
  • work at height,
  • construction,
  • metallurgical industry.

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